• Structural Response for Air-blast, Impact, Progressive Collapse, and Underwater Explosion

  • Retrofitting using Fiber-reinforced Polymer Composites

  • Stability of Temporary Structures

PhD Students


  • Mike Alemu

  • Geoffrey Dilg

  • Homa Haghighi

  • Yohannes Lisanework (co-advising, AAiT)


  • Javad Esfandiari

  • Captain Fausto Batista Mendonca (co-adivsed, ITA)

  • Wondwosen Ali

  • Lieutenant Colonel Robert Sobeski

MS Thesis Students


  • Jacob Sanders

  • Andrei Denes

  • Sara Mohamadi

  • Nouri Hacene-Djaballah

MS Project Students

16 Graduated

BS/High School Students

Several Mentored